Monday, 10 February 2014


Another one of those pieces of writing that I intended to write ten years ago, got stuck, then today wrote the entire thing in under an hour. I quite like how it turned out.


“Am I supposed to look out for him?”
                                              East of Eden, John Steinbeck

Full moon in broad daylight.
Fractal branching trees against a winter sky.
Orion rising and blood red sunsets.
Goya’s Third of May 1808 and Guernica seen in the flesh.

The aroma of second hand bookshops.
A pungent funk rising from freshly bought skunk.
Thunder storms and match struck sulfur.
The appetising scent of ‘she’.

Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Blake’s Marriage of Heaven and Hell.
The four winds cascading through woodland bowers. 
Nina Simone and Kind of Blue.
That perfect pause in the Stones’ Paint it Black.

Salt and pepper ribs and chips.
Tandoori chicken and saag aloo.
A taste of freedom, cognac and pickled onion crisps.
The taste of success. Irn Bru.

Cat nestled in my lap whilst gently page turning.
Popping bubble wrap from out of a newly delivered gift.
The cool side of a freshly turned pillow.
The heat from a newly won love. 

Anticipation, expectation and fear.
Caleb’s moment of Biblical betrayal in East of Eden.
Arriving back from a long walk with problem solving solutions.
Roller coasters and laughing so hard you don’t care if you die.

A newly minted piece of finished writing.
Yes, yes, yes, this feels so good.

Get it done.

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