Thursday, 27 February 2014


One from out of the old notebooks.


"Rationality is limited by time, space and status, which intervene between the individual and the truth. Emotion can liberate it."
                                                Howard Zinn

Eliminate the cliches, the cliques and untruths, unreal visions of futures never to be given illumination. We who stand at the edge of this unworldly promise of the Utopian ideal become the fools who lead a distant pilgrimage to a grandiose land whispered of only in dawn, before the waking hour.

Nothing is sacred, nothing is real. All that we represent is a rare speck in a universe of infinite darkness, never to be mourned by the heavyweight life providers who stand guard over our oblivion. Why bleed, why chase a life-long ambition that precludes the chance of a life to be lived and instead perpetuates, protects an overseer's watermarked, blood stained, drought inducing signature of naively embraced fate?

If you are to wake, you must see this political line exists in a third dimension.

Get it done.

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