Tuesday, 11 February 2014

You Say Hegemony, I Say Homogeny

Short, but bitter.

You Say Hegemony, I Say Homogeny   

The next despotic threat will not come from a country: North Korea, China, Kazakhstan, it’ll come from a corporation, an organisation or multinational, conglomeration of all conglomerations, king of all kings, chief of all chiefs, brand of all brands. It’ll come when the bookstore owns the music store and the café runs the garage. When every bakery sells birthday cards and every gym sells champagne. When every lamppost beams Wi-Fi, every toilet stall broadcasts betting odds, every metallic surface transmits and receives a signal. When the police are run by the supermarket, the fire service by the arms industry, ambulances by the local cab firm, the Automobile Association by Alcoholic Anonymous, when every sports team becomes interchangeable and the bank is the state and the state is the bank. When the only fish left in the ocean is one big bloated fucker, when there is nowhere else you can go, then you’ll know.

Capitalism, just a slower acting form of communism, running anti-clockwise and anti-social, differing only in the corporate ownership of the state rather state ownership of the corporation, but with power nonetheless concentrated at the top, inaccessible to most.

Can you feel it drawing closer?

Welcome to your homogeny. Please mind your head. 

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