Friday, 14 February 2014

What Would I Know?

Happy Valentine's Day and all that jazz. Here's a silly little something I found in a notebook, written a couple of years ago. In my head it's played slowly on a piano, jazzed up at the appropriate junctures.

What Would I Know?

A little I know. Just to sing when you’re winning.
Sing when you’re drowning.
Sing though your heart may be bursting and breaking,
All at once.

Try for the future. Not live for the past.
Consider progress as a function of how much better
I consider tomorrow is from today.

But what would I know?

Nothing last forever.
And nothing stay the same.
We rescue and recycle the myths of our past,
And hand them off to the present context free.

Work, but remember to live.
Live, but don’t demean to merely exist.
Please note, your actual dreams may differ from the picture shown.
Perfection by its very nature is impossible in the human sphere.

But what would I know?
What would I know?
What would I know?

I know the caress of the soil between my fingers.
I know what it is to make life grow.
And I know you’ll find heaven in the grip of a gun,
But you’ll always find the devil in the demon that you bestow.

I know and have always know that I’m different.
I feel what is to be free.
I know, all things considered, I know nothing.
And ‘I know nothing’
Is something was said by poor of Socrates.

So there’s some things I know.


What do I know of dying?
What do I know of decay?
What do I know about anything now?
And aren’t we all in the same boat anyway?
What do I know of breathing?
What do I know of birth?
What I know would box your ears,
If you knew 10% its worth.

Other things I know include the Highway Code,
The key of A Major, the eight-fold way,
And the feel of a Mediterranean breeze,
Take the edge of a Marseille sun in the month of May.

I know I’m separate. But I know I’m not alone.
And I know you can hear my heart that’s singing,
The little I know.

But what would I know?
What would I know?
What would I know?

But what would I know?
What would I know?
What would I know?

What would I know?
What would I know?

Progress is a function of the future with respect to the past, yeah.

Get it done.

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