Saturday, 1 February 2014

I Am My Own Country

Short piece today. You'll need your strength for the morrow... 

I Am My Own Country

I am my own country, unique and of itself,
No flag may bury me beneath its weight.
I steal not from other’s glory, claim them as my own,
Nor absolve them of their sins just the same.
I blame no-one for my failings, legion as they are,
Nor deny the debts to many owed.

I am my own country, government of myself,
Its history begins with my conception.
I keep our constitution expanding ever outwards.
Not stagnant in a putrid past
Our anthem changes daily, from jazz to funk to rock,
Tea and sage advice we can provide.

I am my own country. Found one for thyself.
And we shall find a new United Nations.
With summits, meetings, gatherings, key notes in the hall,
To reassess all our preconceptions.
Where common ground is hallowed, linking each to all.
But difference is sacred and divine.

Get it done.

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