Sunday, 24 October 2010

Modern Fable

there you are where the fuck have you been ive been looking everywhere for you where the fuck is everyone

theyre all gone tom you got rid of them all remember

i said get rid of the africans

were you listening to me yesterday the human race began in africa you idiot when you got rid of africans you got rid of the human race entire youre the only one left

theres just me

yes if you didnt exist then there would be no one to get rid of anyone so no one would have been erased but that would mean you werent erased either so then you would exist and couldve got rid of them but then you wouldnt exist and can you see how the whole situation would have descended into one big paradox and paradoxes are a logistical nightmare to deal with let me tell you so i protected you from erasure endgame

where are you going

theres no one left to blame tom so you have nothing left of interest to me

so what the fuck am i supposed to do

how would i know its your world now may you live in it happily ever after

wait come back take mewith you whereareyou going imsorrycomebackwai

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