Friday, 28 March 2014


Stuff and nonsense...


A miracle is merely the mundane viewed from a subjective angle.  What you see is a mirage, an after image.  The past romanticised.  The future stretching off into the distance.  Yet no matter how high your feet float above the ground you’ll never see beyond the horizon.  A vanishing point has no escape velocity.

Immortality comes all too seldom.  An hour here, a few weeks there.  A reminder of Godhead is always worth the hangover.  A glimpse of an ambition of old. The clouds part, the darkness lifts and an all encompassing vision of evolution’s ultimate destination is revealed.  You flame haired angel you.  You sapphired eyed goddess.  You’ll get a crick in your neck if you stare at the sky too long.  Weigh anchor and take your place amongst the stars.  Eden is the fantasy of a child.  Heaven the shallowest pool the unconscious mind has ever paddled in.  Eternal life means never breathing.  And who wants to stay still forever?  A meteoric demise is infinitely greater than forever kneeling before an almighty failure.

Grace is granted, given free of charge to those who know how to ask correctly.  Long is the road, but great are the rewards.  We who burn in the night offer warmth to the ones who yearn to exist.  Inchoate infants.  Gods in gestation.  Self is the only foundation you require.  History begins at conception.  Lines on a map are tramlines for the dead.  Arbitrary boundaries are there to be transgressed. 

Smash the mirror, break the glass.  Why serve as valet to someone else’s cultural baggage?  One man’s bunting inevitably serves as rag to shine another’s floor.  Change is inevitable.  Immutable is the procession.  Laughter is the roller coaster’s only natural predator.  Tears are always in the right place. Make like Henry Miller and spit in his face.  Calmly step into the wilderness and embrace the chill.

Get it done.


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